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Legislative links and articles


Our rights as american citizens are under attack. We need help now to defeat bills in the legislature now. Each letter that is printed and sent in counts for 10 email votes! So please do your part. By the way a hand written one is worth 100 votes.

Please print these letters, sign them and send them to : 

Law Offices of Richard Lester
21054 Sherman Way, Third Floor
Conoga Park, CA. 91303
They will be forwarded to the appropriate representative.

HR 970 Congress Gang Bill
HR 1279 Congress Gang Bill
SB_155_Senate Gang Bill

Note: 1 printed and mailed letter is worth 10 online PETITIONS !


Legislative Watch

Find info about current California legislation

Tire retread ban petition (get a copy here)

California Street Gang Law SB 1222   (get a copy here)
Helmet Law modification bill SB969    (get a copy here)
Helmet Law modification bill AB2427 ( get a copy here) THIS IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE!!!

Search other California Legislation at (Click Here)


Visit our lobbyist page

We need to protect our rights, or they may be taken away! Lets all stand up and support our lobbyist!

Goto Lobbyist Page


Who is my elected representative, and are they politicians? 

Your California State Senate
Find Your State Senator
Your California State Assembly
Find Your Assembly Member