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NOTE: The first ammendment to the U.S. constituition allows the execise of "Freedom of Speech". It is protected here, as well as political opinions.
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Posted by: ksupinger, on 8/22/2007, in category "Bruce Arnolds - Long Distance Rider"
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Abstract: Biker dies BUT "ONLY" FOR FAILURE TO YIELD?!?

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-----Original Message-----

From: Bruce Arnold []

Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 7:12 AM

To: ''


Rob Poggenklass


West Branch Times

124 W. Main Street

West Branch, Iowa 52358


Mr. Poggenklass,

In your op-ed piece below you say "... it was the driver of the tractor-trailer who was at fault in the tragic occurrence that [killed a biker] at South Downey and Fawcett Drive--but only for failure to yield."

But only for failure to yield? But ONLY for failure to yield??? BUT "ONLY"


That is the same as saying that "...the criminal who pulled the trigger on the gun was at fault for the death of the victim--but only for murder." Are you truly that naive, Rob, or do you just think your readership is?

Neither helmets nor helmet laws do anything to prevent right-of-way violations, and that is the real story and issue here. The motorcyclist did NOT die because he was not wearing a helmet. He died because his right-of-way was violated!

WHY did the trucker violate the motorcyclist's right-of-way, Rob? Was he gabbing on his cellphone when he should've been watching the road, perhaps?

WHAT actions will be taken to punish this offender, and to prevent or at least discourage other motorists from committing the same offense?

Neither professional journalism nor responsible reporting appear to be your forte, Rob. Perhaps it would be in everyone's best interests for you to seek employment in some field other than news media.

Speaking strictly for myself and no other individuals or organizations,

Bruce Arnold

Author and Publisher, Co-Moderator, Bruce-n-Ray's Biker Forum Premier Member, Iron Butt Association Sustaining Member, Motorcycle Riders Foundation Member and Elite Legislative Supporter, American Motorcyclist Association


Editorial: Iowa needs helmet law now

Op-Ed . August 15, 2007

It's hard to understand how the Great State of Iowa can argue that car and truck drivers must wear seat belts while not also insisting that motorcyclists wear helmets.

The July 31 crash in West Branch that killed Joshua Lunsford reminds us of how fragile life can be when we're moving faster than we can run. Lunsford was not wearing a helmet, but the West Branch Police Department believes it was the driver of the tractor-trailer who was at fault in the tragic occurrence that happened at South Downey and Fawcett Drive--but only for failure to yield. Lunsford, according to information provided in his obituary and comments from a former friend, was an avid--and experienced--motorcyclist.

And, looking at the site of the accident, there is a hill south of the intersection that is steep enough to obscure a driver's vision--drivers coming from either direction. That means the truck driver may have looked for oncoming traffic but may not have seen Lunsford had Lunsford's motorcycle been under the crest of the hill at that very moment. It is also likely that Lunsford saw the truck before the hill obscured his vision but did not see the truck was intending to turn until he came over the hill's crest. A late turn signal? We may never know, but it is possible that the hilly terrain contributed to the crash.

The point is that both the truck driver and Lunsford may have been practicing relatively safe driving outside of a singular moment--and that moment is why we are mourning the fact that we are talking about Lunsford, not with him.

And this story should serve as an illustration to state legislators who are looking for arguments to enact a law that requires helmet use by all motorcyclists. There are plenty of examples of reckless driving deaths which helmet opponents write off, but here we have a case that shows drivers don't have to be acting recklessly for someone to die.

Accidents happen, and when they happen at high speeds with little or no safety equipment, they can be fatal. We require seat belts for people inside cars and trucks, so why not helmets for people on motorcycles? It is in the best interest of the motorcyclists without impeding their rights.


"The battle for bikers' rights is not about patches, parties or poker runs.

We fight to protect the freedom and promote the interests of American motorcyclists ... to defend our right to choose our own modes of transportation, attire and lifestyle ... to deter and defy discrimination against us ... and to vanquish those who violate our rights or right-of-way."--Bruce Arnold


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User Feedback
Comment posted by Alison lunsford on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 2:39 PM
I am the PROUD SISTER of Joshua Lunsford and I can assure everyone in this world that a helmet could NOT have saved him that day. I know that everyone will have their own reasons why by brother died that day. I know how he died and I know the facts of that day. My family and I know every graphic detail of that day and will relive it everyday for the rest of our lives. Our family was destroyed July 31, 2007 not because my brother didnt wear a helmet...but beccause he was driviing home from work, with the wind blowing through his hair, to his wife when a semi truck driver turned his ton of a truck over the center line and struck and killed my brother..he had no time to react and I dont think i need to describe what would happen if you were hit by a semi...even if he did have a helmet on do you think the only way he could have died is from his PLEASE stop making it sound like it was my brothers fault for not wearing a helmet and get your facts straight...and by the way i can see a pebble on the road from a truck at the exact place it happend....and a pebble is not all chromed out. This was the worst day of our lives and yet for some reason I am having to defend my brother for an accident that wasnt even his fault..I lost one of my heros that day..we will never be the same..God wanted my brother for some reason that day..reasons we cant understand..All I know is my brother went to his eternal life feeling free........with the wind blowing through his hair......and that is ALL WE WANT TO THINK ABOUT!!!!!!  
Comment posted by Alison lunsford on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 2:46 PM
My point....instead of blaming the helmet and claiming IA needs helmet law now.....why dont you say WE as a NATION need to keep our drivers safe by having more training and more experience and more accountablility for major trucking companies. That is the real issue here. try searching how many deaths occur from semi trucks. I am sad that that issue was never brought up since it was the semi truck drivers fault..instead people use the helmet to blame.

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