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Bad Cop; No Donut - BOLT Begins Re-training Vacaville PD Cop
NOTE: The first ammendment to the U.S. constituition allows the execise of "Freedom of Speech". It is protected here, as well as political opinions.
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Posted by: ksupinger, on 8/10/2009, in category "B.O.L.T - Mark Temple - The Helmet Fight"
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Abstract: We heard from one of the Clubs that a Vacaville cop was out of control; writing helmet tickets like crazy. In other words, violating bikers' 4th Amendment and 14th Amendment Rights over and over.

We heard from one of the Clubs that a Vacaville cop was out of control; writing helmet tickets like crazy.  In other words, violating bikers' 4th Amendment and 14th Amendment Rights over and over.

 Watch the video
on youtube.  We were told right where to find the officer.  We found the cop on June 26, and he couldn't resist writing helmet tickets even though our helmets are legal. 

 So far, we have brought the Vacaville City Attorney into it, and also filed a formal Internal Affairs Complaint on the arresting officer.  I have audio of the interview I had with I.A. investigator before I filed the complaint.  It's amazing how uninformed police officers are.  

 Watch in the traffic stop video how the cops were never really in charge.  Then when he demanded to "inspect" the inside of the helmet, we had to get tough with them.  Keep in mind, this is the same cop that, using force, removed a bikers helmet from his head against his will 3 weeks before. 

 Don't try this until you have studied with a BOLT member and practiced on a cop that isn't so aggressive. 

 I'll keep you posted on the ongoing story of keeping Vacaville helmet ticket Free.  


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User Feedback
Comment posted by yanni on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 4:17 PM
How do I get into contact with internal affairs to make a complaint on an arresting officer?
Comment posted by Mark Temple on Friday, August 05, 2011 1:40 PM
Sorry I didn't check this since last December. I don't normally re-read my own posts.
Any time you have a question for me, or any BOLT member, start by using the website which has a direct link to email me with. If you don't have my business card with my email address and phone number on it, find me. I usually give out more than one to whoever gets one, so they can pass them along to you.
   The answer to your question is: BOLT keeps blank Internal Affairs complaint forms and will help you fill them out. If they are available, we have them. If they are not available, the Police Department is trying to make it too hard for the public to give proper feedback. That's a violation of the Department of Justice guidelines for Law Enforcement being "user friendly" to the public.

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