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New CHP Policy Means A Big Win For Riders
NOTE: The first ammendment to the U.S. constituition allows the execise of "Freedom of Speech". It is protected here, as well as political opinions.
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Posted by: ksupinger, on 4/23/2009, in category "B.O.L.T - Mark Temple - The Helmet Fight"
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Abstract: Beanie helmets ok


The CHP has lost alot of ground in the helmet law fight as a result of our law suit against them last year. 


The CHP settled out of court with us during the Appeals Process.

This agreement was finalized on February 2, 2009.


Enforcement Policy now instructs officers NOT to ticket anyone for "beanie" helmets. 

Any helmet that is made of cloth, nylon, leather, looks like a baseball cap, or a ski cap, is to be written as a Correctable ticket (fix-it).

If an officer decides he wants to write a helmet ticket, correctable or otherwise, he is instructed to call his supervisor for approval to write the ticket. 


The full details can be found at in the press release and CHP Management Memorandum 08-071. 


Be sure to read all the new explanations of what this means to us as riders, so you'll know what to do if you do get pulled over.  And most importantly, remember to contact me if ANYBODY you know gets a helmet ticket.  It doesn't matter if you fight it or pay it; win or lose. 

We need to know about it, and you need to know how to efficiently deal with it.  It really works out well when the police prefer not to pull you over because they don't want the trouble they can get into for writing helmet tickets. 


Mark Temple

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User Feedback
Comment posted by Mac Henderson on Thursday, April 23, 2009 5:16 PM
Wearing my 4 inch beanie...they now just watch me ride by.  Great job

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